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12 Foods For Great Skin-Skincare on Top of Your Skin

Twelve anti-ageing foods that make your skin look glowing, great skin. Your genetic inheritance gives you a head start but your diet also plays a vital part in helping you increase your lifespan.

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The top 12 foods for great skin :

12 Foods For Great Skin-Skincare on Top of Your Skin
1. water

After a day or two with no fluids, you'll stop peeing altogether have trouble swallowing suffer from muscle spasms and likely experience nausea. What could be healthier than plain old water? although it seems so basic water is pretty much the single most important thing for keeping skin healthy.

Staying hydrated is the first line of defence for many skin conditions. As dry skin is the basis for many common dermatological problems.

Drinking eight glasses a day will help ensure your body is free of skin clogging toxins. with the other entries on our list, you might  have to grind them up or turn them into a paste so they can work their magic, but for water, all you have to do is take a drink it's just that easy.
12 Foods For Great Skin-Skincare on Top of Your Skin
2. yoghurt.

Putting yogurt on your face might draw strange looks from people.  but you'll have the last laugh when you show off your beautiful skin. Yoghurt is one of those foods that can be made into a mask.  that can be used for different skin needs.

Wanna lighten and brighten your skin yoghurt can do that. need to get rid of those blemishes it does that as well. Wanna fight off wrinkles yoghurt can also help you there.
12 Foods For Great Skin-Skincare on Top of Your Skin
3. walnut.

Slack walnut might be safe for most people when taken by mouth for the short term. The walnut functions as a supersede for all the health benefits it provides including those that affect your epidermis.

Packed with vitamin B walnuts help reduce the physical effects of ageing. They're also good for alleviating stress which as we've mentioned can affect skin health.

Walnut oil is a great moisturizer, It lends a hand in fighting dry skin. That same oil can also lighten dark circles and can be made into a mask for that extra added skin healing effect. Make it into a face scrub along with oats,  honey, cream and olive oil.

4. Green tea.

If you drank a cup of green tea every day you'd burn an extra 200 calories a week.

Almost any tea is a delicious beverage but green tea, in particular, has many uses when it comes to skincare first off drinking it will help keep you hydrated and hydration is key when it comes to great skin.

It can also be applied  topically in different ways to help reduce  sunburns, treat acne, moisturize skin and clear up those dark circles under your eyes,  is it any  wonder that so many lotions and moisturizers brag about having green tea extract in their products and you thought tea was just for fancy  English parties.

5. eggs.

Eggs have been sought out as a skin treatment source for many years millennia in fact.

Especially for di wires. as with soy, the full benefits of eggs are still being researched. Far the results have been favourable egg whites can be used in a facial mask that helps keep skin firm and blemish free.

The protein in eggs contains amino acids which some people claim helps skin produce more collagen.

6.  chocolate.

12 Foods For Great Skin-Skincare on Top of Your Skin
Another study to mounting evidence that chocolate is good for you. Tired of hearing everyone tell you that chocolate is unhealthy. Believe it or not chocolate actually has a bit of a health kick to it. specifically dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate can help your heart and blood pressure it also helps reduce stress as well as stress-related skin problems. What's more, it's potent antioxidants fight free radical damage and keep your skin looking youthful.

7. Sunflower Seeds.

Sunflower seeds are great as a snack but who knew they could also be great for your skin. Sunflower seeds contain a plethora of elements that are good for you.

Sunflower seeds high in vitamin  E which helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines and promotes healthy skin growth. Sunflower seeds have copper which aids in the creation of melanin. this, in turn, gives your skin its colour and helps protect against  UV damage.

In addition, sunflower seed oil can help soothe other skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis.

8. Oatmeal.

Nothing says good morning like blueberry lemon overnight oatmeal.  while eating  oatmeal helps your body in a few ways it's used as a home remedy facemask is what lands it on this list.

Containing quite a few amino acids oatmeal helps fight acne minor skin conditions and skin damage. A  natural skin soother why else would you take an oatmeal bath when you have the chickenpox.

A mask made with oatmeal is also hypoallergenic meaning any skin type can benefit from its use. Combining oatmeal with other ingredients can also act as a moisturizer and help your skin stay hydrated.

9. Soy.

While there is still research being done on the full effectiveness of soy for your skin. It has already been shown to have some remedial properties.

10. Avocado.

You've probably heard that avocado makes you gain weight.  because of its high-fat content perhaps you didn't know that those fats are very healthy.

Eating one avocado a day reduces cholesterol levels and supports the process of skin regeneration. It provides your body with vitamin C potassium and antioxidants also it's rich in folic acid.

11. Berries.

Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, and Grapes. They contain antioxidant properties that prevent or delay some types of cell damage.

Also eating berries can reduce joint swelling and pain, Consuming blueberries as they improve cognitive abilities and help prevent urinary diseases Alzheimer's and dementia.

12.  flaxseed

Adding flaxseeds to your daily diet is proven to benefit your health. The flax seed is a special type of plant seed that unlike others of its kind needs to be ground up before ingestion.

As our bodies cannot properly break down a full seed.  Flaxseed has a high concentration  of omega-3 fatty acids which  help heal skin irritation, it's also great for anti-inflammatory purposes of helping with skin rashes acne and dermatitis.

As well as conditions like rosacea and psoriasis.  the omega-3 also help your body produce more oil which then keeps your skin smooth and soft and applied topically flaxseed oil is a  natural moisturizer that locks in water and keeps your skin hydrated.
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