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Burn Calories while Sleeping

Many people have tried almost everything to lose weight.  In fact, you can burn fat even while you sleep.
How your body naturally burns fat and calories after a meal however during the day.

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Burn calories while sleeping

Burn Calories while Sleeping
Calories are a way of keeping track of the body's energy budget. A healthy balance occurs when you put in about as much energy as you lose.

If you consistently put more energy into your bodies than you burn, the excess will gradually be stored as fat in your cells, and we'll gain weight.

The time period between your meals may be too short to burn in the fat this is because your body first burns carbohydrates as a direct source of energy.

When you sleep you are not moving so much so that our bodies use carbohydrates for energy. The first thing you can do to ensure that you're burning the maximum amount of calories while you're sleeping is get enough sleep to begin with.

The most common recommendation is to try to get eight hours of sleep. While you sleep however the rate of burning calories is very low.

People who are 125 pounds will burn 19 calories every  30 minutes of sleep. Those who weigh 155 pounds tend to burn around 23 calories and those who are 185 pounds burned 28 calories.

You might be wondering if it's possible to just sleep your way to your goal weight. Although it might seem impressive to burn  19 to 20 eight calories every 30 minutes while asleep.

This is your body's fat burning rate at its lowest. Even during sedentary activities like sitting on a chair burns around 42 calories. In 30 minutes while jogging or doing other forms of exercise is what you earn during a full eight hours of sleep.

Burning calories is how you lose fat while your body doesn't really stop burning calories, vigorous activity will elevate your rate and help you lose fat faster. 

That said it can be possible to boost your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and increase the calories you burn while sleeping.
Burn Calories while Sleeping
Lying down isn't a logical way to burn calories to help you lose fat but the rate of calories burned during sleep means rest is also helpful with your health the way to lose fat is to burn more calories than you consume.

Everyone has a  unique basal metabolic rate  and burns calories at different rates  if you increase your muscle mass you can elevate your BMR by up  to 15% and every pound of fat you add to your body can burn an extra  50 calories for a day while you rest while you rest.
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