What is Glaucoma?  Natural Home Remedies.

What is Glaucoma? Natural Home Remedies.

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Glaucoma  is a very harmful disease which needs  to be cured immediately because it can cause  the complete  vision loss.

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What is Glaucoma?

What is Glaucoma?  Natural Home Remedies.
Glaucoma is actually a group of eye diseases that are usually  due to intraocular hypertension or increased ..., 

..., pressure  in the eye  which damages  the optic nerve and if left untreated can lead to blindness.

Glaucoma could be classified  into 4 categories the secondary type, congenital type, acute type and  open angle type. this issue happens due  to ...,

..., the excess pressure inside our eyes which can  harm the nerves that  carry images to  your brain.

The pressure builds up because of the fluid blockage,  which might be exposed at the  eyes front part, this fluid would be excreted  via ...,

..., the anterior chamber  angle which can create excess  pressure for damaging the nerves if get blocked. 

Inside the front portion of  the eye there  is a space called  the anterior  chamber. It is located between  the cornea which is the transparent  layer.

That covers the  front portion  of the eyeball and the iris which gives the eye its  color. 

A clear transparent fluid  called aqueous  humor circulates in the  space. in a healthy eye a small  amount of this fluid  is regularly  produced and an equal amount is rained out.

In glaucoma  the rate of drainage  cannot keep pace with inflows. The fluid drains out of the eye through ...,

..., a  special tissue called  the trabecular meshwork  located where the iris and cornea meet.

If too much  fluid is  produced or the  drainage system gets choked  in some way then the pressure increases.

This pushes against  the back of the eye and damages  the optic nerve fibers as time goes by.

The optic nerve is made up of a million  of nerve fibers which are connected to  the  retina  a layer of light-sensitive  tissue that lines the  back of the eye.

The optic nerve sends  signals from  the retina to the brain which in turn interprets the signals  as the images you see.

Untreated damage to the optic nerve can result in  partial or complete blindness.

As the symptoms  of glaucoma are not visible  until a large extent of damage is already done.  it is called the silent thief  of  vision.

7 ways to bring down eye pressure - Natural Home Remidies !

1. Cayenne
What is Glaucoma?  Natural Home Remedies.

To treat glaucoma naturally  cayenne is among the best alternations.  this ingredient is packed with anti-inflammatory  that is .,.,

..., commonly  used  to treat eye diseases.

You can consume gradually  cayenne  and to help with macular  regeneration prevention.

Cayenne is widely  known  as one of  most excellent home remedies for  not only glaucoma but also  other eye disorder problems.

2. coriander  seeds and fennel seeds
What is Glaucoma?  Natural Home Remedies.
One of the most powerful  home remedies for glaucoma  is flaxseeds this fresh ingredient is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids  that help ...,

..., inhibit the development of pressure  inside  your eyes.

Consuming flaxseeds on a daily basis can  aid in eliminating  the symptoms of  glaucoma.

Besides tackling  with this problem, flaxseeds are widely used to decrease the level  of cholesterol  as well  as fight off heart disease.

This is  also one of the most useful and  safe home remedies for  glaucoma that everyone should not miss at  all costs.

Prepare equal amounts of  coriander seeds and fennel seeds  add brown sugar loaf to the mixture  and grind it to create ...,

..., a powder use 10 gram of the powder with plain water  on a  daily basis to get quick relief from the condition.

3. Bilberry
What is Glaucoma?  Natural Home Remedies.
Thanks to its container of anti-oxidants, bilberries are a  best-known  glaucoma treatment.

This fruit is loaded  with a compound that aids in preventing your  eyes from  severe damage for long period of time.

4. Carrot Juice and Spinach Juice

Spinach can make itself a trusted home remedy  for glaucoma because of  containing essential vitamins that treat  those eye-related problems ..., 

..., especially  vitamin E present this green leafy vegetable has been shown  to  be potential in  repairing and flushing out radicals leading to the  development of pressure in  the eyes.

Also of the fact, spinach has carotenoids  which plays an important  role in being functioned properly by  the retina  and eye tissue.

Prepare at least 300  milliliters of extract carrot juice and 200 milliliters  of spinach juice and combine them together  consume the mix of veggie juice on a regular basis  throughout the day.

Spinach provides nutrients  that are extremely  great for people to reduce eye pressure  and meanwhile carrots are boon to nourish eye organs.

These two juices together can supply the body with essential nutrients  that can help to stop the disease  progression and offer quick relief keratin ...,

..., spinach juices are also the best natural home remedies  for glaucoma.

5. Onion Juice
What is Glaucoma?  Natural Home Remedies.
Prepare 20 grams of onion  extract juice and add this  to  4 milligrams of camphor powder and an equal quantity  of honey  use this paste to ...,

..., apply  directly on to  your eyelids  on a regular basis in the night to get  quick relief from building eye pressure.

This is also a very  useful natural  treatment for glaucoma that people should not skip.

6. Phosphorous

Phosphorous is are the most effective home remedy. On the list of the most  effective home remedies  for glaucoma the use ...,

..., of phosphorus should be on top it is also  indicated  for glaucoma  as the optic nerves  are atrophied damaged.

The major signs and symptoms that  guide the use of this  natural treatment are the eye tiredness happening all the  time your eyes would feel very tired even when  they do not have  to work hard.

Your eyes would feel like they are exhausted. Along with the eye fatigue blurred vision would occur and patients would feel that every ...,

..., object  is  under the  dust cover when she or he looks at it  another important sign is the halos around  the light.

In fact symptoms could be reduced and your vision would be slightly improved if you use your hands to shade your  eyes.

The objects that are  blurred in your eye would  be somewhat  clearer the phosphorus home remedy can help to  improve eyesight and the eyes  fatigue as well.

7. Calarbar Bean
Natural Home Remedies.
Being found native to a part of South-America calarbar bean decreases the eye pressure and has important properties to deal with glaucoma.

Daily intake of calarbar bean helps relieve the symptoms of glaucoma. Do notice to dry out the  bean seeds before consuming them.

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