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Autism Causes Symptoms and Treatment

The causes of autism are controversial but what we do know for sure is that genes play a huge role in the aetiology or the cause of autism.

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Autism Causes Symptoms

Even though everyone develops at slightly different places almost everyone hits the same general developmental milestones and learns the same sets of skills at about the same time more or less. These are things like language and communication socializing cognitive skills like problem-solving and physical milestones like walking crawling and fine motor skills.

Autism Causes Symptoms and Treatment

All of which progresses the brain develops, if one of these doesn't develop as scheduled depending on the severity it may be described as a type of neurodevelopmental disorder neuro referring to the brain. When certain skills related to socializing and communicating don't proceed as normally it can result in isolation which is where the name autism originated since Auto means self.

Autism refers to a condition where somebody might be removed from social interaction in communication leaving them alone or isolated. Asperger's syndrome was used for children that appeared to have characteristics of autism like difficulties with social interactions or nonverbal communication but don't generally have significant delays in language or cognitive development and therefore Asperger's syndrome was sometimes referred to as a high-functioning form of autism.

Childhood disintegrative disorder was used to describe the late onset of developmental delays so these children developed. Normally for their age but then they seem to lose the acquired social and communication skills sometime between age 2 and  10.

Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified is essentially a catch-all category in which patients meet some but not all features of autism Asperger's syndrome or childhood disintegrative disorder. The social and communication area there are four subcategories that clinicians look for deficits.

The first is social reciprocity which refers to how children respond or reciprocate in social interactions so like how the behaviour of one person influences the other and vice versa. An example of impairment in this area might be referring to being alone and not taking a role in social games.

Autism Causes Symptoms and Treatment

A second area of a potential deficit is joint attention which is the state of wanting to share an interest with someone else. An example of impairment in this area might be a child not sharing their interests or amusement in an object with their parent.

There's nonverbal communication which refers to difficulties either using nonverbal communication themselves or interpreting nonverbal cues from someone else. The child won't put their arms out when they want to be picked up or maybe they won't be able to tell when a parent's upset even if the parents frowning and crossing their arms.

The last subcategory of communication deficits is in social relationships so children have trouble developing and maintaining relationships. The child has a hard time making friends or they're able to make friends but the reliever tends to drive the friends away.

The other major area is called restrictive and repetitive behaviours and this category is pretty broad and can include a whole bunch of behaviours some being more well-known or characterized than others like lining up toys in a ritualistic sort of way or flapping one's hands or imitating words or phrases.

Children with autism spectrum disorder might exhibit one or more of these deficits and vary in how severe the deficit is with that in mind. It's important to remember that each child with autism spectrum disorder is going to have a different spectrum of symptoms and deficits.

For social communication, they might speak in full sentences and engage in communication but normal back-and-forth conversation with others just doesn't seem to work for repetitive and restrictive behaviours. They might have difficulty switching between activities on the other side of the spectrum a level 3 severity means the child needs very substantial support and on the social communication side.

They might display very few words of intelligible speech and rarely initiate an interaction with others. For repetitive behaviours, they might be extremely resistant to change and their behaviours seriously interfere with their daily life.

Autism Causes Symptoms and Treatment

It's thought that using this scale of symptoms as opposed to differentiating between pervasive developmental disorders will help give a more accurate and medically useful way to diagnose individuals.

Generally speaking, autism spectrum disorders thought to have a genetic cause which ultimately affects brain development specifically areas that affect social and communication behaviours.

Which genes are a combination of genes that are affected in an autism spectrum disorder though is still very much a mystery.

Autism Treatment

In addition, there are a bunch of environmental triggers that have to be explored but at the moment there are no clear risk factors that have been identified.

With that said there is also no cure for autism spectrum disorder and treatment or management has to be specifically and carefully tailored to each child and this includes things like specialized education programs and behaviour therapy, that all seek to maximize quality of life and functional independence.

Autism is a developmental disorder where an individual has difficulty with social interactions in community patients often leaving them socially isolated.

Autism Causes Symptoms and Treatment

The disorder is along a spectrum of communication and interaction deficits as well as restrictive or repetitive behaviour interests in activities. A diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder requires significant input from caretakers and management of the disease is highly individualized.
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