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Child Dyslexia Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

One of the learning disabilities that may leave a scar on children for life is dyslexia. This is because it causes severe impairment in reading and writing. If not taken care of early on it will lead to a lot of stress in their adult life. This disability will hamper their employment chances and lead to underemployment or unemployment.

What Causes Dyslexia

Dyslexia is often described as a learning disability where people have trouble with language. It's an often frustrating condition where letters get jumbled up or it's hard to associate a sound with a letter. so even familiar words are difficult to read. Some people have trouble with reading while some people have trouble with listening some a bit of both but either way it means they're more at risk for falling behind in school.

Child Dyslexia Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments
This means the person has difficulty with words this is a learning disability that is characterized by the difficulty or inability to learn adequate reading or writing skills although conventional teaching and social-cultural activities are available. It primarily impacts the reading and writing abilities. It is a neurological or brain-based condition. People affected by this disability are called dyslexic or dyslectic.

Characteristic signs there are a few telltale signs of this learning disability it is electric may seem to be bright intelligent and articulate but their reading writing and speaking is under par based on their age group.

Have average or above-average intelligence but may fail terribly in academics. May have good speaking abilities but as her performance in the written language exams will be very poor is labelled lazy, dumb, careless, and immature always given a remark of not trying hard enough or said to have an attitude or behaviour problem is usually termed as worst of the lot at school this is because this condition affects the reading, sparing other intellectual abilities. 

Child Dyslexia Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Feels dumb and have poor self-esteem get easily emotional and frustrated about school reading and testing. Will try to hide the reading weakness with ingenious compensatory strategies always learn best through hands-on experience, demonstrations, experiments, observations and audio-visual aids.

Talented in other areas like art drama, music, sports, mechanics, storytelling, sales, business designing, building and engineering. May have problems related to concentration, he/she may daydream get lost easily or lose track of time.

Types of dyslexia those who are dyslexic tend to have trouble processing information after seeing a word. They may not be able to connect the sound or decipher the sound made by a particular word. This causes them to have trouble with spellings, writing, reading, speaking, and even math. There are different types based on the severity of the condition.

Child Dyslexia Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Some children may suffer from a severe form and some may suffer from a milder form. Speech and language dyslexia a difficulty producing speech sounds developmental articulation disorder. The person might mispronounce certain letters or letter combinations, be difficulty understanding what other people say developmental receptive language disorder.

Natural Treatment of Dyslexia

Treatment a qualified psychologist or specialist in dyslexia can help in diagnosing this condition. As the cause is unknown the cure remains pellucid. The most important thing to remember is that early identification is critical.

Child Dyslexia Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

The earlier we can identify a child who is struggling and reading, who may have some of the family characteristics of reading difficulties who had language impairment early on if we can get that child very early we can help that child to learn the right way children who are not identified early tend to try to take shortcuts and it does not serve them well in the end.

The second thing to think about is learning or teaching so that a child learns at the mastery level. In most cases, we can assume that we can teach a lesson may be to review the lesson and the child or most children in the classroom will be able to take it in and use it over time.

However, change in teaching methods and extra care can help the child overcome their disability. Children need to be taught to learn in a special way. They can be given extra time in school during tests and other evaluation methods.

Parents need to educate themselves on this subject so that they can give their child everything they need to succeed academically. Encourage the child to read do not allow them to lose interest. Motivate them to try harder but not force them to help them pursue activities that they enjoy doing and excel in their hobbies.

Even if you as a parent and the teachers at school try their level best some children will face difficulties learning. do not get discouraged and scold the child. It is not his her fault that he/she cannot read or write. Instead of praise their talents and strengths and help them overcome low self-esteem.

This was a bit about the causes symptoms and types of dyslexia it is very difficult to grasp when one cannot actually make out the words.

Child Dyslexia Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Imagine yourself in the boots of a dyslexic everybody around you can read and write but you are stuck as words and alphabets around you are dancing and teasing you. A child's mind is very vulnerable at this point, as a parent or teacher it is your job to help the child overcome this difficulty and motivate them to try harder do not lose hope.

Don't let your child slip away in darkness, reach out for professional help to make sure your child not suffer in silence.

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