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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosis - Treatment for CFS

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating condition characterized by a minimum of six months crushing mental and physical exhaustion.

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How to Diagnose Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome at its core is a disorder that leaves a person feeling extremely tired.

Fatigue is a condition in which people simply feel like they have not enough energy to complete the daily tasks of living. This mainly becomes a problem when fatigue interferes with functioning at home and at work.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosis - Treatment for CFS
There are several innumerable actual actually causes of fatigue, for most our lifestyle problems such as high stress at home or at work poor sleep and poor diet. Certainly, people who drink abnormal amounts of alcohol, actually have problems with chronic fatigue mostly because it results in poor sleep.

There are several medical reasons people have chronic fatigue the most common of which are in women and these include anaemia, particularly iron deficiency anaemia and thyroid disorders. That's not to say that some of these aren't present and men and somebody with chronic fatigue should have some blood work done.

There is a condition called chronic fatigue syndrome which is different than just plain fatigue. The syndrome is often present when people have no other obvious causes of the fatigue and it needs to be treated as an independent condition.

Most causes of fatigue are very treatable let's say if you're anaemic you take the iron to iron supplements if you're not sleeping  well you know get some good sleep. Another problem with CFS is that doctors also aren't sure what causes the syndrome. Although many think it can be a combination of factors.

This condition also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis is unknown by most doctors and the general public. It is a devastating multi-system disease that causes dysfunction of the neurological immune-endocrine and energy metabolism systems.

Individuals who have CFS experience extreme fatigue that doesn't improve after long periods of rest.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosis - Treatment for CFS

Stamina for physical and mental health begins to degrade, and these activities can make this fatigue worse. Some symptoms of CFS are fatigue loss of memory or concentration headaches and extreme exhaustion. Lack of awareness of this disease from both patients and doctors can slow down the diagnosing process.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

At the moment it is not conclusive as to what causes CFS some cases have shown that there may be a dysfunction of the immune system or the adrenal system a genetic undertone or connection to early childhood.

CFS sometimes develops after someone has been sick with a viral infection. which can result in immunological and neurological dysfunction. In terms of a specific treatment for CFS, there is currently no cure.

The focus is on symptom relief. for medications as there are many cases with individuals having CFS  who also have depression. The treatment sometimes involves taking antidepressant medication, to help relieve the symptoms of depression.

In turn, treating the symptoms of depression if one is experiencing that them can help the individual to cope better with the CFS symptoms. As well the individual should look at the daily activities they do and determine which one if they find most draining and see if there are any alternative methods of doing these activities to minimize the amount of energy they expand on them.

Having such a debilitating condition with no sufficient and even falsely claimed research is extremely difficult. For these reasons, doctors and scientists must further research on treatments and causes for CFS. This condition illuminates the importance of research that is fact-based and supported by real data found from unbiased trials.

Hopefully, more awareness will inform individuals still following the pace studies treatments such as graded exercise and CBT.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosis - Treatment for CFS
Let these individuals know that these treatments are not backed by legitimate research and should not be followed. In conjunction with your physician or physical therapist, you might create a personalized graded exercise regimen. Your doctor might also suggest seeking counselling to help you regain more control over your life.
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